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Striking into heart of the mainland Chinese market: Are you missing out on its best-kept secret?

Weixin, by far the largest instant messaging app in mainland China, is nothing short of a way of life for more than almost 700 million users. If you are a brand that is looking to strike into the hearts and minds of a vast ocean of prospective customers in the greater China region, a Weixin public account could be the most powerful social media tool available at your disposal. There is therefore little wonder that Weixin is already established as the go-to option for communication and promotion between brands in China with their customers.

What’s so special about Weixin?

Traditional marketing strategies such as advertisements are no longer as effective as they used to be; the eyes of prospective customers are often well-trained to skip right past ad sections on both online and offline sources. In contrast, a well-managed Weixin public account gives you access to a channel those potential customers cannot ignore – as your brand joins the ranks of their friends and family on their conversations list, you disseminate information instantly while forging an interactive, lasting relationship with your followers. A Weixin public account also lets the propagation of your messages to take on a life of its own, as it allows them to be further shared and “viral-ed out”.

Here are just a few features of Weixin that make it so powerful:

  • A unique account for your unique brand

Weixin, being an open platform, offers huge flexibility to incorporate pre-existing plug-ins and even for third-party developers (such as WeMine) to develop functions on, so that your account has tailored features bespoke to the needs of your brand. Weixin also integrates multiple features into one account as it serves many major apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook.

  • Easy-to-manage customer service

Weixin makes customer service a breeze by giving you flexible options of one-on-one customer servicing, which allows for direct follow-up, and automated answering system via identification of keywords.

  • Integration of online and offline customer streams

Online and offline integration through the use of QR codes, which greatly enhances conversion rates.

  • Targeted messaging

Weixin allows brands to broadcast messages that are text-, image- or audio-based to a specific follower segment, allowing for tailored messaging and promotion.

  • Analytics

Weixin public accounts provides a complete back-end dashboard to generate analytics to inform further refinements upon your marketing strategy.

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Whilst in principle it is possible for brands to apply for and manage Weixin public accounts on their own, there are legal, regulatory and management hurdles that can hinder your brand from reaching billions. WeMine specializes in providing a one-stop solution – with as much or as little hand-holding as you need – to all these issues which you may encounter both before and after you successfully apply for a Weixin public account:

Setting up your account

Weixin requires your brand to have a business license in China and a Chinese company ID for your application to be successful. WeMine, sensitive to the legal and business climate in mainland China due to years of experience in working with Chinese clients and a branch office in Nanshan, China, maximizes your application’s chances of success to give your brand a great head start.

Account Management

WeMine lifts the weight of round-the-clock monitoring, customer follow-up and extracting valuable information from analytics off your shoulders.

Function development

Weixin public accounts offer endless possibilities to maximize functionality, everything from plug-ins for CRM and workflow management to loyalty programs. WeMine navigates through these increasingly sophisticated tools, and even writes functions specific to your requirements, for a bespoke combination of functionalities that meets all your needs.

Account promotion

Effective account promotion requires a deep understanding of China’s unique culture and tastes. WeMine, partnering with its sister company RollAngle, has rich experience in marketing in the greater China region, ensuring that your account is always sensitive to subtle changes in the market’s preferences.

Sign Up for a WeiXin Account

Sign up for a WeiXin Account

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 What is the difference between Weixin and WeChat?

While Weixin and WeChat appear similar, they are not created equal and are geared towards different audiences. WeChat public accounts can only reach an international audience (which does not include Mainland China users), whereas Weixin targets Mainland China users, and has extra management functions.

 What are the differences between Subscription accounts and Service accounts? Which one would suit my needs?

Subscription accounts

  • Can share up to 1 broadcast message per day
  • Broadcast messages will appear under the subscription folder in the user’s conversation list
  • Followers will not receive notifications about the broadcast messages
  • The function menu, whilst customizable, cannot automatically redirect the user to your website

Service accounts

  • Can broadcast up to 4 messages per month
  • Broadcast message will appear as an individual item on the user’s conversation list
  • All broadcast messages will trigger real-time notifications to followers
  • The customizable function menu can automatically redirect the user to your website

Do note that your account type cannot be changed once you register, so please consider and decide carefully; contact us to help you make the right decision.

 Why would I need a public account though?

In contrast to a personal account, a public account allows brands to quickly disseminate posts in the form of text, image or audio to followers, making brand promotion convenient and easy. Management features such as automatic response and function plug-ins to equip your WeChat offerings with additional features and services are also unique to public accounts.

How do you get a Weixin public account? Can I apply for one myself?

The short answer is you can, but you will need a business license in China and Chinese company ID document to complete the process. These requirements could pose formidable challenges especially to international businesses, hence WeMine is one of the few agents that can help with the process.

How long would the application process take?

The entire application process would take about 3 weeks, counting from the day when all information and payment are received. Upon completion of the application, WeMine will hand the login credentials over to applicant, who upon a simple change of password will retain full access and management rights to the account.


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